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Mon  24 Jan           Training 830 pm

Mon  31 Jan           Training 830 pm

Mon   7  Feb           Training 8.30 pm

Mon  14 Feb           Training 8.30 pm

Mon  21 Feb           Training 8.30 pm

Sun  27 Feb           Men's MDL Div II match vs Warwick Away 5 pm

Mon 28 Feb            Training 8.30 pm



Men's Midland League Fixture List 2021-22

Home Team Away Team Date Day Time
City of Oxford Men Warley Wasps B

Warley No Show



Camp Hill City of Oxford Men

L 15-7

City of Oxford Men Warwick A

 W 16-10

Warley Wasps B City of Oxford Men

D 12-12

H.G.S.O.B. Men A City of Oxford Men    L 15-14

Warwick A City of Oxford Men 27/2/2022 Sun 17:00
City of Oxford Men H.G.S.O.B. Men A 07/3/2022 Mon 20:45
City of Oxford Men Camp Hill 21/03/2022 Mon 20:45

September 2021

Blenheim Triathlon 2021

Left to Right   John Cardy 1:26:03   Ash Keen 1:14:44   John Buckley 1:19:04


26 July Spennylympics Match

 City of Oxford Water Polo proud to have hosted a water polo game with Stuart and Charlotte who are doing the Spennylympics - 96 Olympic events over 48 sport disciplines and in the 17 days of the Japan Olympics.  They are fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease (MNDA) in memory of Stuart's brother Spencer (Spenny) who died of this 10 years ago.  They both did brilliantly well but said they were exhausted at the end. if you can donate a few quid for this amazing challenge and worthy charity.


John Buckley and Ash Keen in action at this year's Oxfordshire Triathlon 2021 series held at nearby Queensford Lake.  In event 2,  Ash and John Cardy were 1st and 4th out of the water to underline the club's speed in the water.   Event 3 is on 29 August - all welcome to enter.



Blenheim Triathlon 2020  L-R  John Cardy, Stuart Winter, Reg Koster, Ashley Keen, Gareth Keen, Nick Paterson.  




Blenheim Triathlon 2016  Oxford Waterpolo 

L-R  Stuart Winter, John Cardy, Ash Keen, Reg Koster, John Buckley


Results   (John Cardy and Ash in the top 10 for swim out of 3132 finishers. John Buckley 13th overall)

John Buckley  1.13

John Cardy 1.22

Ash Keen 1.25

Stuart Winter 1.29

Matt Veale 1.38

Reg Koster 1.44



Oxford Blenheim Triathlon 2015 Photos and results

Top row L to R : Simone, Ash, John B

Bottom row L to R:  Chris, John B, Stuart

John Buckely  1:13

John Cardy 1:20

Chris Gurney 1:21

Stuart Winter 1:26

Ashley Keen 1:127

Simone Lombardini 1:31


   3 WP escapees from Champneys?



No, Oxford WP take part in Amsterdam Canal swim race.

John Cardy 30th, Reg Koster 60th, Chris Gurney 120th

out of 2000 swimmers in race over 2km in canals


Blenheim 2013 Oxford WP triathlon challenge

L-R  Reg Koster, Ashley Keen, Chris Gurney, John Cardy

Results:  Chris Gurney 1.22, Stuart Winter 1.25, Ashley Keen 1.27, John Cardy 1.28, Reg Koster 1.36


Dorney 3.8Km swim results Sun 30 Sept 2012

Ashley Keen 51.30 (6th)

John Cardy 51.47 (7th)

John Buckley 55.56 (8th)

Reg Koster 57.03 (9th)


Queensford Swim Results Sun 23 Sept 2012

Individual 2.1Km

John Cardy 7th overall and 2nd in age group

Reg Koster 13th overall and 1st in age group


Relay teams 4 x 1km

Oxford Waterpolo Masters 9th overall and 1st in age group

Queensford organiser presenting trophy to Vets winners:  Matt, John, Reg, Mark


Ashley Keen 3rd in Open Relay (fastest first leg) and First Team Pursuit team


Blenheim Triathlon times 2012

John Buckley 1:11

Chris Gurney 1:23

Ashley Keen  1:30

John Cardy    1:31


John C and Ashley did the 8th and 9th fastest swim times of nearly 4000 competitors and John B also in the top 20 swim and top 20 overall.



 Adam & Ash at Oxford Half marathon


Bridge-Bridge Henley to Marlow 14Km swim in River Thames 21 August

L to R: John Cardy, Ashley Keen, Natalie Smith, Reg Koster