Fixtures & Training in Coming Weeks

Pool 8.30 to 10.30 pm   All Mondays unless specified otherwise


Sat  21 April       SE Counties Men's Tournament 3pm Basingstoke

Mon 23 April       Training for all 8.30 - 10.30 pm

Sun  29 April      Ladies London Summer League Round 1 vs Orca and Bexley

Mon 30 April       Training for all 8.30 - 10.30 pm

Tue   1 May        Men's away game vs Hinckley

Friday 4 May       Men's A team Town vs Gown match at University Pool

Mon  7 May         Training 8.30 pm

Wed  9 May         Ladies Town vs Gown match at University Pool


Men's Midland League 2018 Fixtures and KO Cup
Tuesday     1 May            Hinckley (A)

Monday    14 May            Boldmere A in KO Cup (9 goal start)
Monday    11 June           Stafford (H)
Monday     9 July             Boldmere B (H)
Thursday 12 July            Worcester (A)
Thursday 19 July            Warwick A (Banbury pool)
Monday    3 September  Hinckley (H)
Monday   10 September Wednesbury (H)
Monday   24 September Warwick A (H)
Monday     8 October      Wednesbury (A)


Men's SE League Tournament Matches

Saturdays 1300-1900 at Basingstoke Aquadrome


Saturday 21 April

15:15 Oxford vs Hastings

17:15 Oxford vs Basingstoke

Saturday  19 May

13:15 Oxford vs Brighton

16:15 Oxford vs Kingston


Ladies Summer London League 2018 Fixtures

Sunday 29th April - vs Orcas and Bexley
Sunday 15th June - vs Watford and Orcas
Sunday 17th July vs Bexley and Watford

Humdinger 6 hour relay team of 4 15 July 2017

Oxford Waterpolo 1st out of 32 teams with 25km


Henley 1 mile Swim 9 July 2017

Kate Richards    2nd Lady in 23:14

Reg Koster        3rd Supervet in 23:17




Results for Vitruvian Half Ironman 10 September

John Buckley       4:54

Chris Gurney       5:04

John Cardy          5:14

Stuart Winter       5:44


Results for Oxford 1 Mile Swim on 4th September

John Cardy                 23:32  1st Male

Simone Lombardini     24:07   3rd Male

Reg Koster                 26:58   7th Male

Kate Richards             29:03   3rd Female




Blenheim Triathlon 2016  Oxford Waterpolo 

L-R  Stuart Winter, John Cardy, Ash Keen, Reg Koster, John Buckley


Results   (John Cardy and Ash in the top 10 for swim out of 3132 finishers. John Buckley 13th overall)

John Buckley  1.13

John Cardy 1.22

Ash Keen 1.25

Stuart Winter 1.29

Matt Veale 1.38

Reg Koster 1.44



Oxford Blenheim Triathlon 2015 Photos and results

Top row L to R : Simone, Ash, John B

Bottom row L to R:  Chris, John B, Stuart

John Buckely  1:13

John Cardy 1:20

Chris Gurney 1:21

Stuart Winter 1:26

Ashley Keen 1:127

Simone Lombardini 1:31


   3 WP escapees from Champneys?



No, Oxford WP take part in Amsterdam Canal swim race.

John Cardy 30th, Reg Koster 60th, Chris Gurney 120th

out of 2000 swimmers in race over 2km in canals


Blenheim 2013 Oxford WP triathlon challenge

L-R  Reg Koster, Ashley Keen, Chris Gurney, John Cardy

Results:  Chris Gurney 1.22, Stuart Winter 1.25, Ashley Keen 1.27, John Cardy 1.28, Reg Koster 1.36


Dorney 3.8Km swim results Sun 30 Sept 2012

Ashley Keen 51.30 (6th)

John Cardy 51.47 (7th)

John Buckley 55.56 (8th)

Reg Koster 57.03 (9th)


Queensford Swim Results Sun 23 Sept 2012

Individual 2.1Km

John Cardy 7th overall and 2nd in age group

Reg Koster 13th overall and 1st in age group


Relay teams 4 x 1km

Oxford Waterpolo Masters 9th overall and 1st in age group

Queensford organiser presenting trophy to Vets winners:  Matt, John, Reg, Mark


Ashley Keen 3rd in Open Relay (fastest first leg) and First Team Pursuit team


Blenheim Triathlon times 2012

John Buckley 1:11

Chris Gurney 1:23

Ashley Keen  1:30

John Cardy    1:31


John C and Ashley did the 8th and 9th fastest swim times of nearly 4000 competitors and John B also in the top 20 swim and top 20 overall.



 Adam & Ash at Oxford Half marathon


Bridge-Bridge Henley to Marlow 14Km swim in River Thames 21 August

L to R: John Cardy, Ashley Keen, Natalie Smith, Reg Koster