2021 Committee


Chairman              John Buckley                        Ladies Secretary        Kate Richards

Club Secretary       Colin McNamara                    Club Finance              John Cardy

Social Secretaries   Ash Keen & Jodi Collins         Club Website              Reg Koster

Kit Managers          Jeffrey Karoly


Mens Captain          Chris Gurney                            Ladies Captain        Kate Richards

Vice Captain            Ashley Keen                             Vice Captain           Jess Jackson

Men's Treasurer      John Cardy                           Ladies Treasurer          Kate Richards

Men's League Sec    David Golley                        Ladies Secretary          Kate Richards

Men's Vets/B Team  Stuart Winter




Information for new members

Currently the men's team has a lot of experienced players, while welcoming new players who have played the game before, we don't have the room for guys new to the game.  This is not the case with the ladies team who welcome those new to the game. Please check Fixtures & Training schedule web page to ensure you come down on a night when training is on and there are no matches. 

If you want to join the club, the regular players pay £20 per month and nearly all by direct debit. There are student rates for both the men's and women's teams - this is £10 per month,. You cannot represent the club in games unless you are paying by one of these methods.



If you want to contact the club regarding joining or to arrange a fixture please contact

Mens team    Colin McNamara  oxcitywp@gmail.com

Ladies team  Kate Richards     cait_333@hotmail.co.uk